So I got free tickets to go to the filming of “A Farewell to Harry Potter”, a tribute they were filming at Lincoln Center for the Scream Awards on Spike next Tuesday.

It was a pretty awesome experience. Everyone had really incredible costumes. They had us wait a few hours inside Lincoln Center theater and then brought us outside to a stage they had built by the fountain. Samuel L. Jackson is hosting, so he came out first to introduce Dan, and then Dan came out, and said thank you to everyone. (By the way, Dan had the sickest outfit ever. I’m planning to buy it all. Check it out on Tuesday).

It worked out well too, because we went to the backside of the stage, and because of where we were, security let us go to the walkway where he would enter and exit the stage. That’s how I got the close up pics of him (though damnit, I forgot to turn the flash on. But I guess the purple has kind of a cool, hipster effect). It was awesome too, because the girl next to me asked for an autograph, which he gave, but while he was signing it he was like right in front of me.

All in all, a pretty awesome night. And the guy filmed the girl next to me getting an autograph and freaking out afterwards, so if that gets on TV, I’ll definitely be on tv. Me and Sam kept doing this funny waving thing that our group came up with when we went to Wizarding World, so I’m looking forward to potentially seeing us doing that!